& Responsibility
Sustainability & Responsibility are considered as essential elements of our corporate philosophy. Sustainability is the ambition! Responsibility is our action!

In our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, we have implemented sustainable methods in our daily operations. Our extensive technology investments include the complete digitalization of all our business processes; from electronic administration in all departments to online brochures & booking applications.

Furthermore, we are actively recycling paper, batteries and electric devices and have installed solar panel systems along with innovative electricity & water saving technologies in the offices and the hotel properties as well. Currently, we are in the final stage of obtaining the ISO5001 certificate, applying to energy saving processes.

For many years, we have also been engaging in social and environmental activities (such as voluntary blood donations, beach and municipal park cleanings, ancient olive trees rescue campaign, fundraising projects for good causes etc.) in co-operation with local institutions, supporting various local projects & events. In addition, we have been financially supporting and rewarding brilliant students and athletes in the area of Heraklion, giving them the incentive to go for the extra mile.
Since 2015, we have also adopted a 2.500 sq meters municipal park area in the center of Heraklion, in memory of our beloved Zacharias K. Badouvas. During summer 2022, part of it has been redesigned to a Calisthenics Park, providing unique outdoor gym facilities for the sport enthusiasts of our city.

Moreover, as a company, we proudly dispose our own blood bank at the Venizeleio Hospital in Heraklion, providing our employees and their relatives across Greece access to safe blood supply in the unfortunate event of required blood transfusion.

In recent years the association «Cretan Palliative Care», was founded by the Badouvas Family, also in memory of Zacharias Badouvas, providing comfort, consolation, and support to patients in need of palliative care.

We create and operate daily excursions, that contribute to the economic development and growth of the local people and small local enterprises, and consciously choose local providers for all our transportation services. A wide range of “Meet the Locals” excursions are on offer and the activities include cooking lessons, wine tasting, village explorations, visits at olive oil factories and pottery workshops, among others.

We are continually looking for new ways to support the local community, in order to return part of our profit to the local community and environment. On top of that, we also require that our suppliers have a similar commitment to the local environment and social welfare.