Emergency Action Plan

K. Badouvas S.A., highly valuing the safety of its employees, recently started the implementation of an Emergency Action Plan across all the companies of the Group, starting from the Cretan Holidays Head Offices in Heraklion.
The Emergency Action Plan outlines all the necessary personnel preparation, evacuation team responsibilities and staff training instructions on how to evacuate the facility in case of emergency.

As first part of the project, all employees attended a detailed briefing of possible risks and guidelines in the unfortunate event of emergency situations.
Subsequently the Emergency Teams were set up (consisting of employees of all the departments) responsible for fire safety, evacuation of the premises and first-aid, respectively.
The first evacuation exercise has been successfully completed on Friday 12.11.21, and we are very proud that all our staff actively participated and effectively responded to the guidelines of the action plan.
Soon, more specialized exercises and trainings for the respective emergency teams will follow.
With the start of the summer season, the Emergency Action Plan will also be implemented across the hotels belonging to the Group and evacuation exercises will be carried out with guests’ participation