Celebrating World Environment Day

In the context of our Group’s environmental responsibility and on the occasion of World Environment Day, we are proud to highlight a special initiative that involves the children of our employees in contributing to a greener future.

The reconstruction of the outdoor areas of the Cretan Holidays’ head offices in Heraklion concluded with a fantastic fruit tree planting event, turning the juniors of the K. Badouvas family, into eco-heroes for a day.

Art and environmental awareness came together as the children showcased their creativity by painting a beautiful mural. The vibrant artwork depicts our commitment to a sustainable future and serves as a visual reminder not only of this wonderful day enjoyed by young and old, but also of the positive impact we can make together.

Similar tree planting activities took also place at all the companies of our Group in all destinations.

We are immensely proud of the enthusiasm and dedication shown by our young environmentalists. By involving them in initiatives like this, we aim to instill a love for nature, creativity and a sense of responsibility from an early age, to create a lasting impact and inspire a culture of sustainability within our company and beyond.

Our Group is committed to making a positive impact on the environment and to supporting sustainable development, having adopted sustainable practices in all our daily operations. In addition to regular environmental activities such as beach and park clean-ups, we involve in campaigns to preserve super-centenarian olive trees as well.

We are also in the final stages of obtaining the ISO 50001 certification, which applies to energy-saving processes.